1. This is where I’ve been living for the last six months.

  2. One time I sold UGG boots to John Hamm and gift wrapped them because it was Christmas and he thanked me and patted me on the shoulder and we chatted about his wife and his beard and I don’t think I’ll ever really be over it

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  3. This picture of Sade with an AK-47 is the only thing I care about.


  4. I’m not mad at you; I’m mad at the way you text.


    I have finally pinpointed why I’ve been so irritable and short-tempered the past week+ and it all boils down to one lonely friend with terrible texting skills who recently got an iPhone. And I am 100% serious.

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    Cut textual relations with her. Resume them with me.

  5. Human turd is back in California

  6. Remember when Stimpy lost his fart

  7. fourmillier:

    Jean-Pierre Léaud

    Crush forever favorite movie forever everything forever

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  8. sade:

    fucking royalty

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  9. Craft Spells - Party Talk

    Good saturday song 


  10. I just put a down payment on a month long 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India beginning in February. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day for no specific reasons besides just having too many feelings, and I vacillate between extreme anticipation and extreme anxiety about this decision. I spent this last year wallowing in doing nothing besides working in restaurant and living with my mom in the suburbs, feeling like I’m in a constant loop of reliving high school except now I drink in bars instead of parks, and this is the first real decision I’ve made since coming back from Italy last November. It might be a scapegoat or it might lead me in some kind of direction, maybe it’s both! I don’t know! All I do know is that 12 months of my life have gone by, and I have nothing to show for them except for a renewed sense of purpose, a sense of purpose that for once, isn’t structured by school and the minute I heard about this program, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach and I had no doubt that this was something I wanted to do. So this is a thing that is happening in my life now, action! 

  11. In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been up to in the last month and whether I’ve used the time to become less of an insufferable human just know that last night I drank a lot of gin and this morning woke up to this.

    I tiled my own face on my desktop background.

  12. Hold yr summer nights close


  13. "We run back across the highway, back into the red Civic and keep driving. Past the surfers, through the eucalyptus forest before Half Moon Bay, birds swooping up and over then back, circling around us —they too, for us!—then the cliffs before Seaside—then flat for a little while, then a few more bends and can you see this motherfucking sky? I mean, have you fucking been to California?"
    — A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius — Dave Eggers
  14. Get buck in downtown Claremont.


  15. Why did the hipster burn himself on the pizza?

    Because he ate it before it was cool! 

    hahahaha hahaha hahaha *slits wrists*