1. Burn yr bras and yr hairbrushes


  2. christopherlindstrom:

    why do bill collectors even bother sending me mail when we all know that i bury it in various holes in my backyard and surrounding woods? could they be any more irresponsible? if you need to tell me something important, tell me in my dreams, playa.

  3. Moving day. Only half my things have made it from my car into my room. Pants are off and I’m getting into that Green Goddess


  4. My friends are spread out all around the world and my heart is locked down in so many beautiful places all thousands of miles apart from each other and why can’t everything exist in the same place all at once and may all your troubles in life be no worse than this

  5. leseanthomas:


    Akira Kurosawa: We had a tube running from underground up Nakadai’s leg to over his heart with fake blood flowing in it. When the compressor’s stopper was released, the fake blood shot out of Nakadai’s chest. [Script supervisor Teruyo] Nogami got covered with it. The residents of Gotenba who were watching thought that Nakadai had actually been stabbed. I’d explained earlier about the shoot, but when I said, “Cut!” one guy was waving his arms in shock. His face was white from shock and that scared me. I thought everyone knew what to expect.

    Tatsuya Nakadai:  I remember it clearly. [Teruyo Nogami was] counting down for us, and when [she] reached 25, we were supposed to draw our swords. As soon as I drew my sword and Mifune cut me down, I felt this impact in my chest. I wasn’t expecting it to be that strong. I was told it’d feel like a pat from a girl. I felt a thud, and everything turned red… The force nearly knocked me over, but that would have ruined the take, so I hung in there, grasping my sword… Then I fell like I was supposed to, and Mifune finished his part, and then Kurosawa called out, “Cut!” He said, “We got it in one take!” And I thought, “What do you mean, ‘we’?” [Laughter]


    Amazing commentary. One of my favorite moments in cinema EVER.

    Very few things in this world give me that gut joy feeling but good movies do it all the time. Very few things are cooler on an implicit level to me than film.

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    Official poster for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

    Designers: Herve Chigioni and Gilles Frappier

    Poster source: IMPAwards

    I like dis

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  7. This is where I’ve been living for the last six months.

  8. One time I sold UGG boots to John Hamm and gift wrapped them because it was Christmas and he thanked me and patted me on the shoulder and we chatted about his wife and his beard and I don’t think I’ll ever really be over it

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  9. This picture of Sade with an AK-47 is the only thing I care about.


  10. I’m not mad at you; I’m mad at the way you text.


    I have finally pinpointed why I’ve been so irritable and short-tempered the past week+ and it all boils down to one lonely friend with terrible texting skills who recently got an iPhone. And I am 100% serious.

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    Cut textual relations with her. Resume them with me.

  11. Human turd is back in California

  12. Remember when Stimpy lost his fart

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    Jean-Pierre Léaud

    Crush forever favorite movie forever everything forever

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  14. sade:

    fucking royalty

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  15. Craft Spells - Party Talk

    Good saturday song